Code of Conduct

1 Introduction
As the UK online gambling affiliate marketing industry grows and develops, we have formed an association of affiliates committed to adhering to the highest possible standards in the industry. We commit to this Code of Conduct to govern our UK operations in order to ensure this goal is achieved.

2 Our Values
This Association is committed to improving consumer protection and responsible gambling in the industry. We are dedicated to putting our customers’ needs first and promoting social responsibility.

3 Business Ethics
All members commit to upholding high ethical standards in the conduct of their business. Members will act with integrity, fairness and respect at all times, and particularly in their interactions with their customers. Members will hold themselves accountable for the maintenance of the standards of this Code of Conduct and will submit to external, independent audit processes in accordance with the Constitution of this Association.

4 Social Responsibility
This Association believes strongly that gambling should be a form of entertainment that is restricted exclusively for the use of adults (over 18s). Its members pledge to ensure that their customers are aware of the possible negative effects of gambling-related harm and how to combat these effects. 

Our Members further pledge to be proactive in taking measures to promote responsible gambling and to signposting on their websites, sources that can provide specialist information for those who want further information about gambling-related harm and where to get assistance for those who need it. Members will meet no less than once a year to further develop ways in which gambling affiliates can provide greater consumer protection and support for vulnerable persons.

Members shall also provide support to organisations involved in Research, Education and Treatment whose aims are to minimise gambling-related harm. 

5 Regulatory Compliance
Members will be audited annually to ensure they comply with all applicable laws, as well as codes and guidelines related the provision of responsible advertising, responsible gambling and consumer protection. These shall include: 

  • The Gambling Industry Code for Socially Responsible Advertising;
  • The UK Code of Non-broadcast Advertising and Direct & Promotional Marketing (“CAP Code”);
  • The UK Code of Broadcast Advertising (“BCAP Code”).
  • Guidance and advice from the UK Advertising Standards Authority (“ASA”) on affiliate marketing requirements.